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It has been a long while since I’ve sent anything out, or even posted to the blog. I’ve been very busy with family affairs and homeschooling. However, a longtime friend/partner of mine has found something that we believe will be THE key to long-term income (this is Royalty income we’re talking about), and I felt I had to share it with every person in my reach.

A very forward thinking group of individuals are developing a fundamentally different home based business model that I believe will become the greatest business opportunity in the home based business arena.

We’ll have 3 Live presentations every week.

It’s a totally new concept that allows ordinary people to benefit from their support of new and existing products on the market.

All support and information will be provided directly from the company.

kulaBrands leverages the 300 Billion Dollar Home-Based Business industry to access the 26 TRILLION DOLLAR Global Retail Market!

Over the next 5 years this community could be paying out a huge amount to its members!

Member’s accounts are will-able and transferable to following generations.

By invitation only.

One-Time Registration for Lifetime Membership. (Very low barrier to entry. No monthly fees.)

Each revenue stream will be paid out in pools.

Click here to learn more!


To our collective success!

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    Get Details Here:

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    Yours In Success,
    Celena Barton

    ** Follow Me on Twitter **
    > https://twitter.com/SharaLaugh

    ** Join me at CTP **
    > http://trck.me/ctpextra/

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      ** URGENT info that will affect all home businesses!!

      Finally, somebody stepped up to the plate & is doing things differently. Why is it so many people struggle & fail in this Industry? Many reasons, but here’s something your Company Owner nor your Upline wants you to see!!! I hope it makes them all change their ways but I doubt it because it’s about their bottom line.

      What if there was a Company that:

      • Allowed you to join for fr-ee

      • Earn 50% commissions starting today with no purchase requirement

      • Pays out 75%

      • Has 100% check match

      • Has a complete marketing system with contact manager, auto-responder, customizable capture pages, postcards & leads

      • Has a one of a kind & exclusive rights to a product that everyone should take from infants to elderly, where people are seeing results immediately

      • Had a professional in-house call center that took all your calls, answered questions, handled objections & CLOSED your sales for you! ( Paid for by the Company not you )

      What if there was a team co-op that has 18 thousand in team advertising the first week going to the group?

      All of this is real & of course they don’t want you to see it because they can’t compete. Why would anyone continue to pay high auto-ships, make measly commissions, have to make phone calls & try to recruit or worse yet teach their teams to do it!! They don’t want you to see this because they know they will lose people like crazy!!

      Hurry over & grab a fr-ee position so you can look around & see if this isn’t the answer to prayer! Yes it’s real; Yes someone finally stepped up & is providing a solution to so many people!! It’s your turn to be in the right place at the right time – You deserve it!! Tell your friends & contacts before they are telling you!!


      This is Super Exciting!

      See you on the Inside!

      God bless – and best of luck to you!

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        Beyond Crazy!!! Must read!! 02 WorldWide/Let us close UPDATE!!!

        Below is the latest update from my upline on this most amazing launch:

        As Leaders we are working on Co-ops, Team sites, Conf calls, Doing countless 3 way calls & group presentations. We have brought on amazing Industry Leaders, I’m talking 6 & 7 figure MONTHLY earners. We have brought on professional athletes & celebrities. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is not something to ignore or take lightly & frankly we don’t have the time to coddle the nay sayers. We are constantly busy with those that see the vision. Those that understand the timing of being in the very beginning of something so different & so special.


        If you have never been in that position you may not be able to handle the hiccups, the glitches, the very beginning….. maybe you should check us out in 60 days or 6 months. That’s fine. Those that know the power of being in the very beginning & being the pioneer know when gold is struck.

        We have a very unfair advantage here right now. Compare it to ANYTHING out there.

        A product every single person needs. It has exclusive NWM rights. Nobody will be able to get it. Read the pdfs on the site.

        A payplan everyone can win with no gotchas & 100% match! How many people do you want to help earn a check when you match it 100%????

        An IN HOUSE PROFESSIONAL call center to take all your calls!! Even if you are a superstar, full time marketer how about your team?? Duplication is the utmost goal in this Industry!!!

        Team support!!! How about over 13k going out this week in co-op advertising????


        Either you upgrade or you do not. This is your time to step up, pay attention & take action. In 10 days you could be at 10k per month. I don’t need to beg you, convince you or anything else. You can grab ahold of the timing and position you are in or you can kick yourself in the pants later. That’s your choice.

        We will be launching our co-op early next week. Keep in mind your marketing system with autoresponder messages & your call center pin will not work if you have not activated your position!!! Log in & place an order today!!!

        Otherwise sit back and watch what happens…. it’s your choice.


        *End of update

        Hey, I KNOW you’ve heard of this! It’s all over the marketing industry and NOW is the time to either GET IN this or take ANOTHER LOOK at it! This is truly a remarkable program to hop into right away. You get your own call center and PIN – your prospects call the call center number and give your call center PIN without you having to speak to anyone. That’s the perfect fix for so many folks out there who have wanted to make it online, but were too frightened to talk! This is for YOU!

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          Founders’ Positions Almost Full! Health and Wellness hasn’t seen THIS before….

          Hi friends,

          This is Celena and I only have a minute but I have something important I want to tell you about. I think it is going to be big and there is just a short window where you can get in as a Founder so I would encourage you to at least take a look. If this works out it could make you a very wealthy person. When you go to the website be sure to look at the pictures. These products are going to change the world, so check it out right away. This is a company where you can share in the entire global sales.

          Daily Conference Call Monday – Saturday

          Latest Recording: 641-715-3589 Pin: 949 458#


          You may not be able to join through the website yet as it is currently being updated to hit our Launch. However, if you think you would like more information about this amazing business, EMAIL me at ‘celenachar @ gmail . com’ with "FREEMART" in the Subject line so I do not overlook it. Please include your First and Last name. I will use the email address you send from, unless you specify a different one.

          Bye for now.

          Take a serious look at this:


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